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A Vancouver based production company specializing in documentary, television, film, & corporate videos. Producing services for international film companies shooting in Canada. Viva Mantra Films is founded by Baljit Sangra.

“As a documentary filmmaker, you’re an independent spirit fighting for space and the truth in the age of fake news” - Baljit Sangra, Hollywood North

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Because We Are Girls
Baljit Sangra, Canada, 2019, 83 MIN.
Produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

A conservative Indo-Canadian family in  small-town British Columbia must come to terms with a devastating secret: three sisters were sexually abused by the same relative throughout their childhood. Weaving together past and present, Bollywood fantasy and reality, Because We Are Girls is a powerful tribute to women's strength in the face of trauma.  - National Film Board of Canada - Because We Are Girls Media Site

You can also access online petition below asking Crown Counsel to appeal the charges dropped by assailant


"Because We Are Girls provides a rare glimpse into family and social dynamics in Canada's Punjabi Sikh community and how that community, now three and four generations into settled in this country, is still struggling to reconcile shifting #MeToo values with old-world patriarchal interpretations of family honour and shame.…"
– Globe and Mail

"The film ultimately inspires hope – not just because of Sangra's approach, but because of the surprisingly positive attitude of Jeeti and her sisters in the face of trauma."
– Georgia Straight

“Audacious And Revolutionary” - Vancouver Courier

World Premiere:


 Many Rivers Home
Baljit Sangra, Canada, 48 MIN.
Produced by Viva Mantra Films in association with Omni TV (division of Roger’s Broadcasting)


Mixing reflections on aging, mortality and love, Baljit Sangra’s documentary, Many Rivers Home, examines the ties that bind South Asian families in a Lower Mainland seniors’ residence. There is rich human portraiture here, and a depiction of a vibrant ethnic community, but the core of the film is the director’s love for her mother.

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 Just finished watching Your documentary Many Rivers Home and was deeply moved by it. In fact it's different aspects touched a nerve collectively and individually . The death of your mother how you dealt with it - so heartbreaking. Excellent work Baljit. I am sure you had a screening at PICS . The reaction of the folks must have been breathtaking. What can I say, except Bravo!” - Deepa Mehta Director (Fire, Midnights children, Beeba Boys)

“Vancouver filmmaker Baljit Sangra realized that her personal experience had to make it way into Many Rivers Home. “You learn that every day is a gift, everday is a blessing because really life can just change like that. But you’ve got to keep moving forward.” - Larissa Cahute, Vancouver Province

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Winner Best Documentary - Chicago South Asian Film Fest 2017

 Warrior Boyz
Baljit Sangra, Canada, 43 MIN.
Produced by Viva Mantra Films & National Film Board of Canada


Director Baljit Sangra's documentary takes an unflinching look at the root causes of gang violence in the South Asian community of Vancouver. To date, more than a hundred young men in the community have died in gang-related violence. Gangs are a reality of urban life, yet behind the body count and the headlines, a far different battle is being waged. Educators and parents are taking action against gang violence, seeking real solutions and fighting for change. - National Film Board of Canada - Warrior Boyz Media Site

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Nominated for 3 Leos in 2009 (Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Documentary)

“Warrior Boyz provides an insightful, ground–level exploration of the “warrior/gangsta” juxtaposition, which has become a part of the Indo-Canadian experience.” - Global News

“I’m trying to humanize it [the issue of gang violence],” explains Sangra, “to put a face to a kid and what they’re going through.” Welcome to the new era of documentary filmmaking: intriguing, engaging, and thought-provoking. Boring? Not a chance – Georgia Straight

 Hockey Unites
Baljit Sangra, Canada, 43 MIN.
Broadcasted by Omni TV (division of Roger’s Broadcasting) Produced by Spotlight Productions

Broadcast Dates TBA

Hockey United is multi-language documentary series that crosses the country to find out how the game of hockey helps immigrants and their families integrate into Canadian culture as players and fans. Each of the series’ four episodes focuses on a different cultural and/or geographic community to examine how the sport is approached and adopted with those communities.

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