We have a theatrical screening in July with Vancity Theatre. We will keep you posted on more information.

We had two successful film festivals. Thank you to Hot Docs out in Toronto and Vancouver’s own Doxa Film Festival. Thank you for featuring our film “Because We Are Girls” We have had sold out shows for all 4 of our Vancouver Doxa shows. We also had a strong support from the greater Toronto community for our Hot Docs showings.

Three sisters have spent years bracing themselves for the pivotal moment that opens this film: the final verdict in their trial against their cousin, their childhood sexual abuser. From there, the story returns to their memories of growing up in a large and insular Punjabi-Canadian family in the small mill town of Williams Lake, British Columbia. With unflinching candour, the sisters discuss their family's dark secrets and expose a toxic family culture that relied on female subservience and obedience. These roles, they acknowledge, have deeper roots and have in part been reinforced by the Bollywood films that have structured their fantasies of romantic relationships. While the film tells a difficult and confrontational story of abuse, it is also a celebration of the loving sisterhood that allows these women to demand justice for the wrongs of their childhood years. Aisha Jamal


Because We Are Girls
Produced by the National Film Board of Canada.



Raised in a conservative Indo-Canadian household, three sisters were haunted by a childhood secret: they were survivors of sexual abuse by an older relative. Twenty-five years later, they break their silence in order to set an example for their daughters and protect other young relatives. Documentarian Baljit Sangra turns her empathetic lens on these courageous women’s search for justice, crafting a moving portrait of their healing journey and a tribute to women’s strength in the face of profound trauma.




Baljit Sangra is a Vancouver based filmmaker who has been working on documentaries, corporate videos, feature films and factual entertainment. Her passion is exploring social and cross-cultural issues. She has now directed/produced the documentary “Because We Are Girls” in association with NFB @nfb_interactive. She has also directed/produced Many Rivers Home a personal story that focuses on Seniors in assisted care and looks at the end story of life for OmniTV. In addition, she has directed/produced the documentary Warrior Boyz in association with NFB and Canwest which examines the long running gang scene unique to the Indo-Canadian enclave of the Lower Mainland. Warrior Boyz premiered at Doxa and was nominated for three Leos. Baljit also directed an A&E for CityTV and Channel M called VIVA! for several seasons.

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